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Rob Margolis

Rob Margolis is the founder and president of Stumptown Test Prep, LLC. He has been a professional tutor since 1997, beginning in the Washington, DC, area, then in Manhattan, and now in Portland, where he is arguably the region’s most sought-after tutor. He has dedicated approximately 20,000 hours specifically to one-on-one standardized test preparation and has been featured in U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Best Colleges, Newsweek, and Education Week. In addition, he has taught mathematics, history, and English to grades six through nine at public and private schools in Washington, DC, Santa Fe, NM, and Portland, OR.

Rob graduated from Yale University with a BA in History, and subsequently earned an MA in Liberal Arts from the Graduate Institute of St. John's College. He is originally from Washington, DC, and now lives in Portland, OR with his family. He is an avid Crossfitter and wishes he had more time to read Cormac McCarthy.

“Effective test preparation requires a process of adaptation, evolution. Standardized tests by their nature are models of consistency and predictability. The tests will not change to fit our needs; therefore we must be the ones to adapt. We must learn to think instead of react and to gain awareness of and control over our habits. Evolution of thought does not come easily: we are working against years of deeply ingrained patterns. If we practice well - daily, rigorously, intensely, thoughtfully - and contemplate how to achieve our goals, we will emerge from this process possessed of formidable capabilities.”

Logan Wright

Logan has been helping students prepare for the SAT since it was revised in March 2005, teaching in such diverse locations as Salt Lake City and Palo Alto before moving to Portland and joining Stumptown Test Prep in February 2008 as one of the company’s first tutors. During his time at Stumptown, Logan has covered the entire testing spectrum: from working with students to dissect the rich literary allusions in Ezra Pound’s poetry on the SAT Literature Test to helping illuminate such byzantine concepts as the magnitude of vectors on the SAT Math II Test.

As Test Preparation is no student’s favorite subject, Logan prides himself on presenting even the driest of material in an entertaining and memorable fashion. He hopes to inspire students to not simply memorize a vocabulary word but also to excavate its rich etymological history. Thus for him, tutoring is not simply about improving test scores but also developing students’ critical reasoning skills and providing them with new learning methods that will assist them in college and beyond.

Logan graduated from Wesleyan University with High Honors in the College of Letters and also has an MA in the MAPSS Program from the University of Chicago. Although he grew up in Salt Lake City, he was born in Corvallis and enjoys being back in his home-state.

jay kapp

Jay has been with Stumptown Test Prep for four years and has more than 2000 hours of test-prep tutoring. He has been tutoring in Portland for six years, working with a spectrum of populations, including those at Minds Matter and Project Grow at Port City. For the past seven years Jay has also worked as a freelance editor for firms on Wall Street. In all capacities, he relishes the opportunity to help people utilize the fundamentals as well as the intricacies of language to express themselves with greater clarity. He believes that a student's greatest opportunity for educational growth comes from a sense of self agency. Accordingly he helps students identify their long-term goals and the skills necessary to achieve those goals.

Jay graduated with high honors from UC Berkeley, where he returned in 2008 to give the English department’s valedictory address. As an undergraduate he also worked full time as a reporter and editor for Berkeley's student-run daily newspaper. He spent his senior year in a prestigious literature program at Trinity College in Dublin.

Prior to teaching, Jay lived and worked on an organic farm outside Portland. He has a passion for agriculture and the means by which people nourish themselves. He is an avid cyclist and has ridden his bike across swaths of North America, Europe and China.

Morgan Azinger has been helping Portland students prepare for standardized tests for the past three years. In addition to test prep, she has spent hundreds of hours helping students in grades six through twelve with English, Spanish, and general study habits. She has also mentored students to improve their college admissions essays through Portland Literary Arts and taught as a visiting poet for Portland Public Schools. Her experience with a wide variety of students with different learning styles has made her particularly adept at helping students find their motivation or confidence. She enjoys finding ways to make intimidating material feel approachable, fresh, and fun.

Morgan graduated from Kenyon College as a double major in English and Spanish, specializing in translation. A Portland native, she attended Lincoln High School and can speak to the culture and quirks of the Portland community and the pros and cons of going to college across the country. She is thrilled to be back teaching on her home turf.

Shveta Miller started teaching the SAT in 1999. She has been so successful in raising students’ scores that she has published her own original SAT materials, trained an entire staff of SAT instructors and was nominated for Teacher of the Year.

Realizing that teaching is the best job in the world, Shveta became a high school English teacher in 2005. After two very interesting years teaching in the South Bronx, she went on to teach AP English and serve as a Dean at Brooklyn Technical High School, where she also ran the SAT Prep Club. Along the way, Shveta spent some years traveling around Asia teaching English as a Foreign Language to young children and adults, so she has acquired a keen ability to adapt lessons to students’ different levels. Having taught English to Engineering students in Singapore and Tokyo and to aspiring chefs at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts here in Portland, Shveta is known for her ability to relate the material she is teaching to her students’ lives and interests.

Shveta holds a BA with honors in English from UC Berkeley, a Masters with Distinction in Modern Literature from University of London and a Masters in Teaching English. She earned tenure as an English teacher in 2008 and her test prep book for the AP Exam in English Literature was published by McGraw-Hill in 2010. She is trained to assist young children struggling with dyslexia and she is on the Board of Directors for the Wild Lilac Child Development Community.

When she’s not teaching or writing, Shveta can be found sewing, crafting or exploring Portland with her little girl.